More than just a walk in the park: a journey…

Come and discover this enchanting 20-hectare park and nursery with its unique family history, and let yourself fall under its spell.

Located between Quimper and Bénodet, the garden is open every Sunday in March, June, October and November from 2pm to 6pm. In April and May, the garden is open from Tuesday through Sunday from 2pm to 6pm. You may visit the site by appointment outside opening hours.

Located in Gouesnac’h, between the medieval town of Quimper and the seaside resort of Bénodet in the Cornouaille region of southern FinistËre, the Domain of Boutiguery overlooks the river Odet.

Situated 40 metres above the « Vire-Courts », where the river Odet bends sharply, the 20-hectare park invites visitors to cast their gaze over the spectacular springtime blossoms of more than 30,000 Rhododendrons and Azaleas. It is here, in this picturesque English-style park, that the current owner, Christian de la Sablière, has for over forty years been combining his passion for plants and for painting.
In this garden, one does more than simply take a walk: one embarks on a journey. Against a backdrop of lush forest, the garden is revealed little by little along a maze of winding paths bordered by Rhododendron and Azalea plantings. Alongside these stars of spring preside majestic trees such as oak, beech, sequoia and Mexican white pine: a subtle blending of Mother Nature’s art and the patient labours of a gardener passionate about hybrids.
Every year from April through June the garden is lit up with the colours of an Impressionist painting. The pinks, whites, purples and, above all, the yellows and oranges so loved by Christian are set off by the brilliant green backdrop of foliage. To bring his ideas to life, the artist switched his brushes for a magician’s wand, creating new plants with heady perfumes, original flowers and unique colours. « Even more than their infinite diversity of colour and form, the quality I appreciate most in plants of the Rhododendron family is their transparency. Their translucent blossoms make the light vibrate – exactly like a stained-glass window – and light up the sometimes sombre woodland with their unique glow. »
Christian creates hundreds of hybrids by manually fertilising the pistil of one flower with the pollen of another. After wrapping up these fragile marriage partners in a bit of aluminium foil and waiting for the production of flowers, he sows the seeds obtained and patiently waits to discover their new offspring. This original Rhododendron collection is like a firework of colour which goes off at every « Grand Ball of spring », as its creator describes the spring season. As a painter to a canvas, so Christian adds colour to his garden for our pleasure and enjoyment,in the process making Boutiguery the largest conservatory of Rhododendron hybrids in France. Today, among the garden’s many plants, a visitor can discover new varieties in the process of being approved for the market such as « Monseigneur du Parc », « Petit Hasard », and « Aude et Virginie ».
Come and discover Boutiguery: a perpetually evolving garden, with 1,000 plants being added each year. Let yourself fall under its spell …