The Domain of Boutiguery is located on the left bank of the river Odet in the locality of Pors-Meillou (Port of Mills), in the commune of Gouesnac’h in South Finistère, part of the region which used to be known as Lower Brittany.

In the 18th century, a single miller operated the two mills, one a windmill on the plateau, the other a water mill in the port.

When the wind turned the sails of the windmill, the little pond would fill with water which would allow the water wheel to turn on windless days.

Flints and bronze axes, tumuli and Roman baths: many archaeological finds testify to the presence of people along the riverbanks, living with the rhythm of the tides which brought maritime traffic back and forth between Quimper and the open sea.



It is possible to imagine the 19th-century Domain being built upon the ancient foundations of a Roman watchtower surrounded by deep ditches.

Indeed, from this precise site, located at a height of 40 metres, one can see for two kilometres along the river to the Roman defensive camp placed strategically upriver at the entrance to the bay of St. Cadou.

This position would have allowed the Romans to keep a hidden flotilla capable of immediate intervention in the case of an attempted invasion of the city.

Also from this point, one can observe not only the heights of Quimper, but also those of Locronan, Briec and Coray.