History of the Site

The Domain of Boutiguery is located on the left bank of the river Odet in the locality of Pors-Meillou (Port of Mills), in the commune of Gouesnac’h in South Finistère, part of the region which used to be known as Lower Brittany. In the 18th century, a single miller operated the two mills, one a windmill on the plateau, the other a water mill in the port.

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The Origins of the Domain

Towards the middle of the eighteenth century, Botiguéry (as the Domain was then known), was part of the Fiefdom of Bodinio, in Clohars-Fouesnant.

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A Family of Explorers

At 19, Georges himself explored the Svalbard archipelago and the famous island of Spitsbergen. Two years later, he found himself on the great northern plains of Russia.

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If, from his childhood, Christian de la Sablière so loved trees and forests, it was mainly because they provided a means of escape from the tutors attempting to teach him algebra and Latin.

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The Next Generation

Even though he is now over eighty, Christian de la Sablière continues to pursue his passions and would not consider for a moment putting aside work on his beloved flowers! In 2010, his daughter Virginie joined him at Boutiguéry to take up the torch.

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